I accept checks, money orders, cash, and credit cards.

I license the full version of Forecaster for $100. If you need a 30-day free trial, just ask. I will send you the data file YARN-DEMO.XLS, the APO-MACROS.XLS, and the SAMPLE-DEMAND.XLS for training. These files should be saved into the recommended path which is  C:\DATA\APO-DEPTS\*.* which is created automatically by opening YARN-DEMO.XLS in Excel.

Forecaster can  be  distributed as Excel files attached to a g-mail cover letter if my default web browser is google chrome.  Other methods can be used: a memory stick sent via the U. S. postal service. Or bring your laptop here?

 You may try using whichever edition of Office you have.  I'm using Office 2016 under Windows 10.  The Home & Business Edition has Outlook so I can send email, but now I prefer GMail  which does not require Outlook but still needs internet access via the WiFi on my desktop computer. For a 13 inch laptop I use the $850 Dell XPS13 with an i5 chip, 8 GB RAM. I ordered a new $80 battery after two years. I backup to Carbonite.com. If you need portable work for more hours on a full charge, or want a brighter screen, carry a battery pack (Dell Power Companion, 18000 milliamp hours, $120) in your pocket, connected to the laptop to operate in parallel with the laptop battery.