At Hudson Stores where Forecaster was developed, our policy was to COUNT our inventory before generating a replenishment order, and to record how many pieces of each SKU are being ordered.  There was no easy way to compute SKU speeds from that data, until I invented Forecaster. It runs well with 34 SKUs, possibly more.

If you order more/less than recommended by the SKU speeds, forecaster will warn you. In 8 orders the SKU speeds may shrink inventory 25% with very few stockouts.

The Forecaster Purchase Order Generator creates balanced purchase orders in Excel
so your department tends to run low on everything at once. 

When you are ready to generate an order, open latest order, 

enter your current onhand counts into column D, enter your order quantities into column E, click SaveOrder. Print? Phone?

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The 'Forecaster Purchase-Order Generator' is delivered with a ready-to-run YarnDemo database in sheet db of file YARN-DEMO.xls . Run it to generate orders 1 through 8 and you will see proof that our yarn buyer was not running lean. Coaching by Forecaster could have reduced spend by HALF. Airplane mode avoids virus?